What Game Console To Buy Xbox 360, Ps3 Or Pc

I have a six-seven year old son that is going to "BIG SCHOOL" next year. His been so good and brilliant about everything we do together. We spend lots of time together and I know he looks up to me and loves every moment of our time. We love playing computer games and it's always a major negotiation who's going to work/play [...]

Will You Buy Nintendo Wii

The Wii (pronounced as the pronoun "we," IPA:[wi?]) is a video game console released by Nintendo. The console was previously known by its project code name of Revolution, and is the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. Although the Wii console primarily targets a demographic different to that of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and [...]

How Many Of U Like Star Wars

I'm a great star wars fan..........such a saga is unthinkable and lucas has proved his imagination in this series..........I'll put the story in a few lines.......people who got special powers(called the force )use it to do good to the people of the universe they r called Jedi's and same set of people they want to attain [...]

How Old Is Too Old For Gaming

I'm 25 years old, recently married and I still like playing games although not as much as I used to. My husband on the other hand, is a genuine game buff. He'd spend every little spare time he has to play video games, online games, computer games, etc and sometimes I think he'll be like that until all his hairs fall out [...]

What U Feel About The Sreesanth In Last Test Match ..

wheather he done the right think r wrong in the ground...i.e dance after beating 6 in the ground.....uder the presser.... [...]

How Many Of You Play Online Games

How many of you guys play online games?if so what games? [...]

How Old Is Too Old To Play Video Games

People from all over the world love playing video games but when do you consider yourselves mature enough to leave the gaming world? If your young or in your teens it is understandable that you love playing video games. When your in your 30's or higher some people would tend to say stuff like "Your too old to be playing [...]

What Are The Games You Played When You Were A Child

Specifically games that allowed the body to move and encouraged human interaction. I always liked playing house. I loved playing a pregnant mother. I'd stuff all my toys inside my shirt and pretend to give birth to them, screaming and wailing all the way. We also had a game called heaven-earth. It's a vertical movement [...]

Do You Like Playing Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly is one of my favorite board games. It is a game with the aim of dominating the market. The more properties you will have, mainly real estates, the more chance of winning. It is really fun especially if you already owned a lot of properties. I often play Monopoly when I was young. It's fun because you are using [...]

What Is The Oldest Video Game That You Have Played And Remember

for me i think the oldest i can remember that i have played is an atari game called GAlaga,it is the one of the pioneers in space games wherein you will have to shoot down all UFO in sight and you onl [...]

Is It Easy For You To Be Addicted To A Game

Frankly, I don't think I can have a strong will in this aspect. In the past I remember I played the Sims over night. It's still my favorite game. Now it has the Sims 2. This is a good game. But I am afraid I will be addicted to it. So I try to play it less. I dare not to spend long time on it like in the past since I know [...]

Do You Know How To Play Chess How Good Are You

I have learned how to play chess when I was about 7 years old. I slowly became a better player as I grow until my college days. Through those years, I have joined and participated in different tournaments, inside and outside of school. Actually I used to be a chess varsity when I was in college. I can say I'm just an average [...]

Living In A World Of Telepaths

Could you imagine living in a world where EVERYONE was telepathic, i.e. NO secrets, NO lies, No duplicity. Could we cope? How would it change the world as we know it? Would it make life easier or more difficult? Remember nothing is hidden, even politicians wouldn't be able to hide the truth. Your enemy would know exactly [...]

My Sons New Obsession

My 14 year old son Alex has recently become obsessed with the Rubick's cube. Did you know there is a whole sub-culture associated with this puzzle? There are tournaments, internet forums, collectors, competitors, customization of cubes etc....He was recently "indoctrinated" by his friend Andy who can solve the puzzle in [...]

Do You Play Computer Games What Kind And How Often

When my hubby and I met in July of 1990 he like to play computer games as a way of relaxing and unwinding. For years I could never understand what gaming gave him. Then gradually I choose to open my mind and see things from his perspective. I started out with things like Bejewlled and Zooma. Then he put the first role-playing [...]

Xbox 360 Or Ps3...

do u like xbox or playstation.... why??? [...]

What Kind Of The Game Is Your Favorite

In fact I like playing many kinds of games, such as the shooting, action, fighting, real time strategy games. And my favorite type is the simulation games, such as the Sims and Simcity. How about you? [...]

Video Games: Grand Theft Auto

Okay.. all I can say here is where is our world going in the field of entertainment? I just got an email that there is a video game called Grand Theft Auto, and the person playing the game can have virtual sex with a prostitute and then murder her by clubbing her with a base ball bat, OR by cutting her in half with a chain [...]

What Do You Do With Your Old Video Games

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my old video games for awhile now. I've thought about selling them back to a store like Gamestop or something but those stores really do rip you off with the price they give you for the game and the price that they sell the game for. It's kind of annoying really and I've had [...]

What Will You Do When You Feel Upset

sadI will have no mood to do anything else expect sitting or standing alone with my brain can't escape from feeling pain, maybe i'll click the link on internet at random and don't care about the content. Sometimes i'll eat too much for my stomach and then go to sleep without thinking. It's a pessimistic attitude toward [...]

Netwinner Paid Me Again!

I got another payment today! Actually I got 2 payments today, both from the same site! I actually received another $50 in Walmart gift cards today. Since I joined at the end of August, I have already earned & have now also been PAID a total of $175. If you want a verified PAYER, This one is it!I really love playing this [...]

Winnie Says ...

... come play on Winster! Are you a member at Winster? I had joined some time ago but never did anything with it. A friend mentioned it to me last night so I gave it another try, and I'm already hooked! I like to play a game here and there on the computer to break up the myLot and PTC monotony, and Winster allows [...]

Do You Like Playing Cellphone Games

My cellphone is a smartphone, so I can install quite a lot of games and software for it. When I stayed in the hospital last week, I would play Mau Mau when I felt better. That's the good way to kill t [...]

What Is Your Favourite Game That You Like To Play On Ps2

I like playing the sims 2 on playstation 2 My son likes to play snooker games on playstation 2 and my daughter likes to play on her dance mat on the playstation 2 what about you? [...]

Do You Have Ps2 At Your Home !!

well i dont have any play station at my home but i have pc so ilike to play pc games [...]

Do You Still Play Computer (p.c) Games What Are They..

Hello Lotters, I got nothing else to do and when the internet was out and i couldn't find another CD for my Sim Game, i decided to play something else instead. my favorite then was Red Alert Yuris Revenge because of the other units that i can use. but there's more than that i have downloaded a program that allows [...]

Do They Make You Sick

I used to be able to play the old nintendo systems for hours and hours without a problem. But with today's video games and the graphics, I can sometimes end up feeling sick because of them. I have a bit of an issue with motion sickness, so I can't watch someone else play a game or I'll get sick. Recently hubby and [...]

Will You Spend Money When You Play The Online Games

Some large online games can be free. But if you want to have a better achievement, you have to spend real money to buy the virtual equipments. Although some people are crazy about it and don't mind sp [...]

Rubics Cube: I Hear It Is Making A Come Back. Can Anyone Here Solve It

I used to like to try, now it just drives me crazy. I will be interested to see what next generation thinks of it. [...]

Since When Do You Play Video Games

Hallo there. I was just curious as to how many MyLot users are playing video games and since when you are doing that. I myself, well I started playing videogames when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I still remember that I got to play my uncles Atari 2600 every time I visited him. Later he gave me the Atari 2600 because [...]

Have You Played Guitar Hero

I am now the proud owner of Guitar Hero 3. It's a surprise for my boys for when they return on Wednesday from a trip to their grandparents' house. But who am I kidding? I bought it for me too. I've heard nothing but GOOD things about the game, and couldn't wait to try it out for myself. So far, I've only done the tutorial, [...]

We Got The Wii

After many times of looking and trying to find a Wii in our area. We got our hands on a Wii yesterday at Fred Meyer. YAY!! We are so tickled to finally have it. Its so much fun. Though we really need the extra controller so we can play with each other on it. but so much fun and so worth it!! I can't wait to [...]

Best Game Ever Played

I am a very big fan of Gaming... I have played a bunch of Games already... But there are Games that just wont get out of my system... Games that I love and simply keeps on playing... I never get tired of playing this games... This is my top 3 games: Ragnarok - Online Game Pokemon - (Series) Strategy Base Adventure [...]

Heres A Fun Game To Test Your Skill.

This game is used by the Navy to train fighter pilots. They have to survive for two minutes. See how long you can last. [...]

Rubicks Cube

My son and hubby picked up a rubicks cube from Borders yesterday and now I am sitting here trying to do it LOL I haven't played with one of these in years. I can do one side and not the others - I wonder if there are "cheats online" like they have for PS games LOL I might have to go and have a look! Have you played [...]

I Want A Wii!!

We went over to a friends house on Saturday. They got that Wii for Christmas. It's freaking awesome!! I love it. They had the Wii Sports and we played Tennis and Golf and Bowling. It's sweet. It's really expensive though so I was thinking about putting it on layaway at Kmart so we can stlil afford to put food on the table! [...]

When Youre Having A Bad Start In A Game, Do You Continue With...

...the remaining lives or do you start all over again? Are you kind of perfectionist that one mistake will make you restart the game? [...]

Do You Enjoy Playing Horror Games

Or do you feel nervous, excited of what you might see. My daughter now is playing Resident Evil on playstation and her younger sister is laughing at her coz she feel nervous and afraid when the monster are attacking her. and when the door opened and shot it loud. How about you friends what do you feel when you played [...]

Who Likes To Play Online Games Here

I love to play Bejeweled 2 or Zuma online and I am very good in it. What games do you play online? [...]

Video Games:what Are You Playing Now

I recently got to thinking,and I thought I would pose a question to all mylotters who play video games,What video game are you playing right now?What is the game you are playing about?Why are you playing that specific game?How long have you been playing that game?How far are you through the game?How long do you think it [...]

Your View Of Xbox 360!!!

please tell me how you feel about your xbox 360.. [...]

Its All A Game

I like to play online scrabble, but I prefer the email version where everyone gets to play on their own time. The version I like isn't working right now, so I've been playing 'live' against the computer. I can win about half the time or better, depending on what level of play I put the 'bot' on. I decided to play [...]

How Can I Earn More Money plz Help

please tell me how can i earn more money . [...]

Which Kind Of Games Do You Prefer Online Or Offline

I had this friend of mine back then, and we usually argue when it comes to playing games. He's the type of guy who would stick his a-s-s on playing games such as PS2 and the likes. While everytime I played online games, he always criticize me for what Im doing, Asking things like what do I gain in playing online where [...]

Which Game Do You Think Should Be The Game Of The Year 2006

For me the game of the year 2006 is Fifa 2007 (sport simulator) and Need for Speed Carbon (arcade racing). Tell me which one do you vote :p. I'm so courios. :D [...]

Starcraft Or Warcraft

which is better, starcraft or warcraft? [...]

Have You Purchased Any Computer Game Online From Any Games Site

I like and always play the one hour demo that they offer. Sometimes I like to purchase certain games but I am afraid whether any virus will be there in it as sometimes in the demo version virus is coming. Did you or your family members or friends purchase any online computer game from any game site like [...]

Game Systems Do You Own Them All Or Just One

I use to own playstation 1 and 2, Nintendo 64, the game cube and the original version of game boy not all at one time but over the years. rolleyesbut right now I'm the proud owner of a broken playstation 2 that I bought used five or six months ago at one of the popular game stores. so now I dont own a working system, I'm [...]

20 Questions

My niece got this game for Christmas from her grandmother. I figured, ok it would be something like the old magic 8 ball so many of us had. There would be no way it could guess what I'm thinking. Yeah right. I've found it gets it right about 95% of the time. That's pretty good in my opinion. It's a lot of fun. [...]

What Is Your Favorite Game On The Xbox 360

my favorite game ont he xbox 360 would be call of duty 3 and fifa 07. what are your favorite xbox 360 games? [...]

My Arm Hurts!!

My husband brought home a Wii Monday night... which of course I couldn't play until Tuesday evening due to being in pain and ending up getting a minor operation. We tried a couple of very low impact games Tuesday evening, just some golf and bowling on Wii sports. Then yesterday we tried Carnival Games and Dancing With [...]

$250 Check From Netwinner!!! + Gift Cards :)

I just have to share with you all....I've been playing Netwinner since last September and have gotten many many gift cards. Last week in the mail I got another $25 gift card to Walmart and my daughter got a $50 one. Those were earned in late January. Today in the mail I got another $25 gift card to Walmart and so did my [...]

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Game

What is your favorite type of game, and why? [...]

What Do You Prefer More, A Multiplayer, Or Singleplayer Game And Why

What do you prefer more, a multiplayer or singleplayer game, and why? [...]

Do You Play Online Games

for you what is the ideal online games now?? [...]

Scrabble Or Monopoly

If you had to choose between playing a game of Scrabble or playing Monopoly, what would you pick? We have friends coming over and they want to play board games. Not sure what to start with. [...]

>>>>>do You Buy Games Or You Prefer To Download Them From The Net<<<<

Please share your opinion. I used to play original games and I buy those games but i know many people who download it. What do you think about that ? I think that those who download the games and [...]

How Many Giga Hertz Is Your Computer

myn is 2.4 ghz how much is urs???? [...]

At What Age Should A Man Stop From Playing Video Games

Do you agree that video games are only for kids? Do you agree that real men dont play video games? [...]

How Do U Respond To People Who Say "why Are U Wasting Ur Time Playing Games

do people ask u that? especially ur parents or ur big sisters? if so how do u respond to this? first of do YOU think u're wasting ur time? i don't games are like my vent, u know something i do, because i'm passionate for it and it's also my out from the world when things get rough. of course, u can never explain [...]